Sachin & Sonu’s Jugalbandi on Cricket Wali Beat!!

Sachin’s song Cricket wali beat has beaten many recently launched videos as it got featured among the list of 43 most watched videos around the globe. This Man rules the hearts of millions out there!! Sachin Tendulkar is a legend not only for what he did in his cricketing career, but the immaculate approach he took to achieve it all. He rectifies the entire glaring mistake one can make while taking up a task, with his optimistic approach to it.

This Jugalbandi of Sachin & Sonu has indeed become sensation on youtube overnight. It was cricket then, now he is all set to compete, many proficient singers out there!! With the minds of people brimming with the zeal of IPL 2017, Sachin’s song Cricket wali Beat Pe has become an add on to celebrating cricket. He very recently collaborated with the king of the singing world Sonu Nigam to try his hands at singing. He launched the song “Cricket Wali Beat Pe”, on Indian Idol 2017, one of the biggest singing platforms in India, exclusively for his mobile app 100mb. With this, it’s become clear that, this former cricketing legend is a reservoir of talent, undeniably a superhero for his fans. Whole of the country had literally started dancing with his “Nacho Sare Cricket Wali Beat Pe” as it became a sensation overnight and got 1 million plus views within 24 hours. Once again, he had hit a sixer probably when his fans were eagerly waiting for the one.

About 100MB!!

Sachin overwhelmingly announced the success of his 100mb app which has been designed by JetSynthesy and Digital Media. The app will help sachin’s fan-engagement to get a peek into his everyday life. Not only his fans, Sachin too loves connecting to people and sharing his life with them and so has this idea of the 100mb app germinated. With his song Cricket wali beat pe, he along with his fellow singer Sonu Nigam is promoting the app and talking about his entire cricketing history. Besides, he is also showing his thankfulness to his fellow cricketers who had been with him, in 6 world cups, that he had played in his entire career. The app 100mb will inform Sachin’s fans on everything he is doing including his social media activities, about his cricketing career and any new task he takes up in his everyday life.

Sachin thanked people taking it to Twitter for all the love that his fans have showered upon by giving such an unbelievable response to his song Nacho Sare Cricket Wali Beat Pe. He also posted a video with Sonu Nigam to show his gratitude to his fans.

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